Rossarden/Storys Creek

The town of Rossarden was built to house the workers at the ‘Aberfoyle Tin No Liability’ mine, which started producing tin in September 1931. The township of Rossarden was built a mile from the mine site, in the mid 1930s.

The Storys Creek Tin Mining Co was formed in 1882, the area being a remote miners’ camp – just a collection of simple huts and the mine plant – until 1925, when new houses for the staff, as well as a number of new huts for the workers, were also built.

By the early 1970s, Aberfoyle had control of both mines but a dramatic drop in metal prices in 1972 saw production drop at Storys Creek, all support facilities, administration and milling being provided at Rossarden. Forestwood Holdings bought the mine from Aberfoyle in April 1981,  then closed all operations in February 1982. By October 1982 the town’s population had dropped from over 500 when the mine was going, to approximately 90.

Today Rossarden has around 60 residents. Storys Creek has only one permanent family, plus the Riverside High School outdoor centre, which has been operating since 1975.

Both towns offer striking mountain views of Ben Lomond. There are also wild deer to be seen in Rossarden, as well as many native animals and birds, and one can sometimes watch wedge-tail eagles soaring above the town.